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Out of sync, but perhaps, not out of my mind.

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Hello traveler

Did you perhaps wish to know a bit about me?

I am a designer. Well, that was not really self explanatory.
Hmm, lemme try again...
I am a practitioner with varied experience around experience design, illustration, story-telling, and designing around applied intelligence.
There, that should do it. As for what I wanna do? Well, let's just say a mercenary never distinguishes.

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But of course life ain't all fun and games

In recent times, I have had the opportunity to work with applied intelligence, predictive cloud analytics, Enterprise automation solutions, etc.
What lies ahead? I hope we can talk more about it.....

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Industry Roles

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UX Strategy

improvise. adapt. overcome.

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Interface Design

there are CTAs among us.


Product Consulting

everyting is digitized eventually.


Brand Experience

Experience speaks louder than words.


Visual Arts

Ooh shiny!


Art Direction

concept élevé

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I try a little bit of everything. This unfortunately isn't all of it.
No matter, I consider this a conversation starter. Let's see where that goes...

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Early UX projects

Visual Design Works

College Projects

Amateur Explorations

I would love to chat more. Reach out here

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About Work

A short summary of every learning opportunity I was able to glean.

August 2020 - Present

Senior Experience Designer,

Honeywell Forge Performance+

Cloud automation and predictive maintenance have always been very intriguing fields to me. Forge Cloud Services provides me interesting opportunities every day to drive conversations around efficiently applied machine intelligence and simplifying traditionally complex software processes.

September 2019 - August 2020

Senior Experience Designer, Honeywell Connected Aerospace

In my few months with Honeywell, I was blessed with the opportunity to learn about the aerospace industry and intimately understand what makes it tick! The many design challenges I could engage in helped me evolve as an effective SaaS strategist and product designer.

May 2017 - September 2019

Experience Designer, Accenture Digital

I got the opportunity to work with Accenture after my post-graduation diploma. This has been a learning experience that helped me appreciate agile design methodologies, I have worked in user research, interface design and solution formulation for products and services from a diverse focus group of industries ranging from life sciences to sustainable energy.

June, 2016 - July, 2016

Motion Graphics Intern,

Studio Fry

I always wanted to learn and understand the nitty gritty of motion and finally got the opportunity at Studio Fry. I was involved in pre and post production, visual effects and end to end storyboarding.

July, 2014 - April, 2015

Associated Graphic Designer,

Lucid Lane Designs Ltd.

In my time working for Lucid Lane, I explored various aspects of graphic design and digital media.
Alongside branding and interface design, I also got the opportunity to understand Vfx and character design workflows.

January, 2014 - April, 2014

Graphics Intern,

Taxi Creatives

Taxi Creatives was the first look I had in the nuances of digital business. In my time there, I got the experience of working in social media and digital collaterals alongside the basics of web design.

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Pearl Academy, Communication Design


National Institute of Fashion Technology, Kangra,
B. Des,Fashion Communication


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